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About Us

At Coleman Insurance, our mission is to listen to you, to uncover your needs, and offer the insurance solutions, with the greatest value, to cover your needs. In fact, that is why we are an independent insurance agency. We feel that the only way to truly offer the greatest value, is to offer you choices. Since we are not beholden to one insurance company, we can shop around to tailor a package to suit you.

Our goal is to protect your money from Wall St. and the IRS.

With 14 years of experience in the insurance industry, we handle all lines of insurance for personal and business/commercial cases. We also offer simple financial planning strategies, as well as creative financial planning strategies, through the use of proven insurance products. We welcome even the hard to place risks.

We currently serve Georgia and Alabama, with plans to expand throughout the U.S.

For Individuals

Our insurance planning process begins with focusing on your most valuable incoming producing asset, yourself. We start by tailoring a package to protect you against the risks that can derail your financial plan. These risks include damages to your personal property, a lawsuit for negligence, lost wages due to a disability, or protecting your family if something unexpectedly happened to you. Next, we work with you to learn about your financial goals, whether you are concerned about the risk of losing money in the stock market, uncertain about the possibility of rising income taxes, worry about who will look after you in your golden years, or are concerned about the possibility of not having enough money saved to see you through your retirement. Whatever concerns you have regarding your retirement, we will work closely with you to locate insurance solutions to protect you. Lastly, we turn our focus to your legacy. Perhaps you want to leave a lasting financial impression, or, you are concerned about burdening loved ones with estate taxes. Again, we will work closely with you to formulate a plan to cover those concerns. Ultimately, the plan is focused on you.

For Businesses

The insurance planning process begins with focusing on covering those risks that can interrupt your business, and your livelihood. We work to acquire the liability coverage you need, cover your business personal property, and cover you against lost revenue due to a loss. The next step in the planning process depends on you. You may be interested in protecting your most valuable asset, your employees. You may be concerned with a business succession plan if you are disabled, or pass away. You may be concerned about your retirement funding. Or, you may be interested in creative strategies to reduce your income tax liability. 

If you are concerned about attracting and retaining good employees, we can arrange an employee benefits plan, or set up executive bonus plans. If you are concerned about business succession planning (you should be), we will work with you to create the appropriate, and most tax-beneficial strategy. If you are concerned you are not doing enough to prepare for your own retirement, we can work to establish a creative tax-planning strategy to accelerate your retirement plan. If you are looking for ways to lower your tax liability, we have creative insurance products to suit your needs.  

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